The Wolf of WallStreet 2015

CEL recently hosted it’s flagship event, The Wolf of WallStreet.
It is a inter-university financial event based on stock exchange and investment hosted by Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus. The event was divided into 2 rounds. Round 1 is a virtual trading round. A participating team was provided with virtual cash of $200,000 and time of 2 weeks to virtually trade in live U.S. stock market (NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX). Around 95 teams participated ranging from 1-4 students per team. The Round 1 went on from October 19 to October 3, 2015. For each day of second week, a team with most profit at the end of the day, was awarded Bulls-Eye, and cash price of AED 20.

  • Day 1, 2, 3 –  Capital Traders
  • Day 4 – Fire Xchange
  • Day 5 – Lameman Brothers

Aim for the team was to earn maximum profits with provided resources. The top 20 teams in Round 1 moved on to Round 2.


Round 2, FENRIR, is based on live investment and was held on November 2, 2015 in G-34, BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. Qualifying teams are again provided with starting virtual cash and some added bonus depending on their last round’s rank. 8 Different types of projects were introduced in the round at different times. All teams had opportunity to invest in or withdraw from the project depending on their market research. The project’s value changed with time based on pre-determined market outcome by organisers. Along with 3 quick quizzes and the profits made from investments, all the money was computed and treated as final profit.

3 Teams with most profit were named winners, hence FENRIR.

  1. Winner: DarkLord – Vipin Soma; awarded AED 200.
  2. Runner-up: Capital Traders – Vivek Desai, Madhav Kothari, Rishabh Kinnerkar; awarded AED 150.
  3. Second Runner-up: Magic A – Aditya Swapnil; awarded AED 100.

The event was organised by Rahul Jain and Rewant Verma, along with their League Members.


The Wolf will return…

follow the event by clicking here.

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